Tuesday, August 30, 2011


"In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe."

--Isaac Asimov

"When he began to eat pie, he wished he had eaten nothing else."

--Laura Ingalls Wilder, from Farmer Boy

New York Times, 1902

"It is utterly insufficient (to eat pie only twice a week), as anyone who knows the secret of our strength as a nation and the foundation of our industrial supremacy must admit. Pie is the American synonym of prosperity, and its varying contents the calendar of the changing seasons. Pie is the food of the heroic. No pie-eating people can ever be permanently vanquished."

In response to an Englishman’s suggestion that Americans should reduce their daily pie eating to two days per week.

Today, I finally asked the waitress at Paul's Place, the local diner, if we'd hit the pie happy hour or something, as again, our slices of pie were only $1.15. I'd been afraid to ask before, in case it was some kind of luck of the draw occurrence, and I'd spoil my luck by asking. She said that it was a special they run every Sunday-Wednesday after 8 PM. Suddenly, all my depression about living in Merced (that had reared up after my trip to the Pacific Northwest) lifted. I live in a town with a Pie Happy Hour. Why is the place not packed after 8 PM every night.

When I'm depressed, as I have been while transitioning from awesome kayak vacation to normal life, I sometimes browse the internet for possible other lives I could live. I found a job in Chicago (one of the places I fantasize about moving to) for a pie-maker for Hoosier Mama Pie Company. They make the kinds of pies I'm interested in making! Old-style dinner pie with artisan crusts and high-quality ingredients. As it's a new restaurant and some of my readers may be in Chicago, I'm going to paste their website here:


In all cases, a theme is appearing in my attempts to find joy. And one of my joy-alleys seems to be pie. I bake pie, when I have time, as Sweetie Pie the baker. My pies have even had some national publicity, thanks to my very good publicist:


Though there's a new bakery opening in town, there is not a pie and coffee shop anywhere in town. Though my bakery has been called House of Butter in my dreams for the longest time:


I'm ready for a new name for a restaurant. I had a dream I was preparing a meal for a queen. The meal was simple with a rich red sauce on top of spaghetti and a salad with sauteed corn and feta cheese.

The name Pie Alley is sticking in my mind, but I'm up for suggestions.

Sometimes, I take two bites of pie and am complete with that.

Sometimes, I daydream about how to make a cake that has a full pie within it, crust and all.

These are the types of things I like to think about--the way flavors and textures meet and mix, like a perfect dance partner. And we're sashaying our way down pie alley. Won't you join us?

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