Monday, September 26, 2011


When I wake up, I'll be 45 years old. Here's 45 things I want to do this year:

1. Full moon kayak trip on Elkhorn Slough
2. Spelunking
3. Take a trip to New York City
4. Pray more fervently
5. Learn to swing dance
6. Rock climb
7. Visit Joshua Tree
8. Swim in the ocean
9. Make more time for meditation
10. Act in a play
11. Act in a short film
12. Run a 10 mile race without "racing"
13. Ride a horse
14. Bake more often
15. Sleep 9 hours a night
16. Learn, by heart, Se tu m'ami, and sing it around the house
17. Be able to play bass along with one of Farewell Typewriter's songs
18. Spend more time in the hot tub
19. Pay down debts
20. Daydream more often
21. Spend more time in the mountains
22. Hope more
23. Be hope
24. Go to Europe
25. Care less about what other people think
26. Learn to decorate cakes
27. Take kickboxing classes
28. Go roller-skating
29. Empty out all the boxes that are in my closets (purge)
30. Forgive everyone I still hold resentments towards
31. Paint a wall with a mural
32. Complete the egg-poem project without missing a day
33. Make shadow box art pieces
34. Grow closer to God
35. Spend a week in a monastery
36. Go to San Diego
37. Move to a big city
38. Cook vegan meals
39. Remember my primary purpose
40. Be true to myself
41. Be joy
42. Be love
43. Keep writing daily gratitude lists
44. Return phone calls within one day
45. Text and e-mail less, pick up the phone more

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